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Gwadar Port: A hallmark of peaceful development for CPEC

CPEC project praised for smooth and well planned operationalisation

The development of Gwadar Port seen by many as the flagship project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been praised by nations across in the Arabian Sea for its smooth and well-planned operationalisation.

Showcasing the peaceful development by setting up a path of global connectivity and prosperity in the region, high quality development of Pakistani port is a result of China's all round opening up agenda as part of the BRI.

Via the construction of Gwadar Port through the multibillion dollar project of CPEC, China is sharing the dividends of its reform and opening up policies and brings the experience and lessons it has drawn from its own development of coastal areas.

It is understood that traditional globalisation begins from the oceanic trade so under the concept of coastal uplift, the development of Gwadar is setting the high standards not only for Pakistan and China but for the billion plus population in South Asia.

The development of Gwadar Port is rebalancing the regional geo economic equilibrium as it has started addressing the economic issues of Pakistan by creating the favourable environment of inclusive cooperation with new trade routes toward the other parts of the world.

Gwadar is driving the rebirth in the modern era of technological development and it is far sure that it is carrying a potential to build a harmonious world with lasting peace, regional security and common prosperity.

The credit can be given to Gwadar Port for encouraging the regional countries to coordinate economic policies and carry out broader and more in-depth regional cooperation with the high standards that benefits all.

The reason is simple and straight as the impact of Gwadar Port is not being confined to China and Pakistan but has the potential to affect the regional economic environment, as well as mark its print on the overall future global dynamics of trade and economic relations among various countries.

The joint development of the port under BRI based on mutual consultations and multi-dimensional benefits is in the interests of the region that is also reflecting the common ideals and pursuit of regional development, peace and progress.

It is estimated under the Gwadar master plan that the ongoing work on Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone has the capacity to generate more than 40,000 direct jobs in this remote city of Balochistan that has opened its eyes for second life and standing on its feet.

Drastic changes have been witnessed since the launch of Gwadar development project as the city has its own vocational training institutes and the university as well with the establishment of model schools for children.

The transportation infrastructure under CPEC in the province is reducing traveling barriers, uplifting socio-economic activities for the local population by providing direct access to main markets.

In addition, the installed capacity of desalination plant for the provision of drinking water to the local population has been enhanced to 2.5 million gallons, and three more desalination plants will be established in the city to increase this capacity to 5 million gallons.

The rise of Gwadar as the country's commercial, financial and economic centre is helping to silence the negative impression created about the area.

A coal power plant providing 300 megawatts under the CPEC framework has also been inaugurated that is aimed to provide the continuous electricity facility to the citizens and will advance self-reliance in tackling the energy crisis.

Security enhanced

The development of Gwadar Port has attracted attention of the international community following its potential of maritime economic development, unfortunately there are some of the elements who always try to target the development process for achieving their ulterior motives.

As the construction of the Gwadar Port is being fast-tracked, more attention is being provided to boost security. Local authorities have increased investment and resources to ensure the safe and timely completion of the project, free from security related delays. Recently, the Indian media unnecessarily manipulated the extended security arrangements for the city including the plan for fencing.

The fencing plan shows that CPEC is confronted with multiple challenges particularly security threats from external as well as internal inimical forces.

The fencing of designated area is taking the security of the city to the newer heights and the process is a part of Gwadar city master plan.

Pakistani security forces have always shown its resolve in defeating the militant forces to avert any kind of deadly attacks.

The traditional and nontraditional risks including the threat of terrorism must be addressed wisely to counter any possible malicious plans.

The enhanced security measures for the economic development project have improved confidence of the local and international investors for more investment.

The local community and stake holders have also shown their support for the security measures to designated area that are helping the law enforcement agencies to guarantee the sustainable secure environment as per the commitment of the local and federal government.

Keeping in mind the covert activities of militant forces in the area with the help of foreign hands the Pakistani law enforcement agencies and especially considering Pakistan's army is very well prepared and committed to provide effective security to the projects of CPEC and Gwadar Port.

The special security division dedicated for the effective security arrangements has passed the test of the times in managing the security apparatus of Gwadar Port.

Law enforcement agencies have always adopted various measures to counter any of the terrorist attack toward the workers performing their duties on CPEC projects.

As per the intelligence information, Pakistani government fully understands the security issues attached to CPEC projects in the complicated regional environment.

Authorities have targeted extremist forces in Baluchistan province and extremists are also being contained with successful security operations.

These security operations and crackdown against militant organisations have created a peaceful and favourable environment for investment, and it is hoped that the Gwadar will emerge as a hallmark of peaceful development.

Source: Muhammad Zamir Assadi, Global Times Canada

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